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Fabrics for high-quality curtains in Misterbianco, in the province of Catania

La Tenda Home Srl is a Misterbianco company specialised in the design, production, sale, and installation of curtains of all kinds, operates in the provinces of Catania, Messina, Syracuse, Ragusa, Enna, Caltanissetta, Agrigento, Palermo, Trapani and even Malta.
Thanks to the presence of a qualified and professional staff, we guarantee comprehensive assistance to every customer.

Listening to the customer is the first fundamental step to ensure the success of our work. The customised projects we offer our customers are based on the use of high quality fabrics and materials, carefully selected for you thanks to our experience in the curtains sector. Starting from the first approach, by contacting our company, you can be sure you will obtain punctual and efficient service and assistance.
We offer on-site inspections and consultations to get to know the characteristics of the spaces you are about to furnish.

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Curtains for hotels

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Curtains are a valuable piece of furniture: if you want your home to be furnished with taste and style, it is important to study carefully the distribution and shielding of natural light, choosing the most suitable fabric for the desired effect and the more adequate support for your windows, and then install the curtain in a stable and functional way.
This is not an easy task: this is why our company intends to support you in every single phase.
In addition, La Tenda Home also specializes in awnings, mosquito nets and upholstery fabrics.

Our shop has a craft tailoring, designed to make each project unique and personalize your home.
In fact, customization is our watchword: this is why we offer each customer an ad hoc accompaniment,
starting from the preparation of an estimate up to the installation of the tent.
Visiting the showroom in via Aldo Moro, 51 in Misterbianco (CT), you can choose from a vast assortment of fabrics for curtains, carpets.

Let us guide you in choosing your curtains!
Call +39 095 461140