Curtains and fabrics for every need

Each room needs suitable curtains and each window has peculiar characteristics and dimensions that require special accessories.
La Tenda Home Srl aims to meet the needs of their customers and guide them in the completion of the furnishing of their home with competence, attention, and punctuality.

Within the curtains there is a wide variety of solutions that only those who are “skilled in the art” know and know how to propose in the right context.
The models of curtains for interiors are many and a professional help will help you choose the most suitable curtain both for the environment in which it must be placed and for the type of window.

The work of our company is, therefore, of real design:
thanks to an accurate study of the spaces, through inspection, we will be able to detect, measure and, therefore, identify the right curtain to be proposed in the most suitable material for the interior decoration of your interior.

Accessories and systems for curtains

Once you have chosen the fabric for your tent, you will only have to help you to accompany the project with the appropriate accessories: at your disposal there is a wide assortment of valances, sticks, rods of various materials and sizes, clips, eyelets and hooks suitable for any type of furniture.

Custom payments

You can decide whether to pay in small installments at RATE 0, without a paycheck and without income, with the PAGODIL system (up to €3000 – from 3 to 12 monthly installments). Or finance your purchases with Santander.


Let us guide you in choosing your curtains

Send one or more photos using the form and rely on real professionals.